Healing Our Earth 

During this turbulent Coronavirus era on Earth ...
Come and join us for Global Gayatri Mantra Session . 

Saturday 11th April 2020
BST Noon till  - BST 7.30 pm

IST 4.30 pm till  - IST Midnight 


Initiative powered by DiL


More information to follow soon .


The Diwali in London (DiL) committee, in partnership with the MAYOR OF LONDON, brings Diwali On Trafalgar Square (DOTS) to London. DiL comprises of several diverse member organisations with representatives from a cross section of multicultural communities of India who work together in harmony to ensure the seamless running of DOTS


The dynamic committee comprises members (all volunteers) who are of varying age groups, passionate about spreading the cultural and spiritual awareness of Diwali through education, awareness, participation and fun


We are grateful to the MAYOR OF LONDON for presenting DOTS year after year, this will be  the 18th year.


                                                                 We wish everyone a very Happy Diwali!

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