the Glimpse of Goddesses at the Trafalgar Square was on 3rd November 2019

In this interactive display of Hindu Goddesses you’ll get the opportunity to capture a vision and explanation of the goddesses, and obtain tips on how to invoke divine powers and virtues in a fun and interactive way.

Goddesses are filled with divine powers. What do they mean?

How can I create peace and happiness in my life and make others content?


Visit the stall to go through methods to invoke the Shakti (power) within you, by looking at your qualities and virtues, and how you can use them in everyday life.

Activity Points:

·  Shakti Wheel – Invoke divine powers and virtues

Where have our divine virtues and powers gone? Come and spin the Shakti Wheel and see which Shakti you land on, and learn how you can invoke your virtues and powers and use them in your everyday life through Raja Yoga.


·  The Glimpse – Experience the Divinity

Spend time in front of the live Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati. Experience their divinity and empower yourself. Goddesses are shown overflowing with the ornaments of divine virtues. What do they mean for you?


·  Crown & Tilak – Feel the Deity in You

Take a seat, get crowned and apply a tilak. After experiencing the divinity in front of the Goddesses, we encourage you to feel the deity in yourself and regain your self-sovereignty.  Feel empowered and celebrate the Goddess in you.


·  Capture Your Selfie – Treasure Your Divinity

Now you may take your selfie so that you can treasure your experience of feeling divine and feeling empowered.  Capture this moment and treasure it.  Share it with your friends and family.  Tag Twitter @diwalilindon #IamEmpowered.

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