For the first time ever, an Annakut Dance Sequence will kick off the celebrations on Trafalgar Square at 1pm. Annakut which means a Mountain of Food is a Thanksgiving feast offered to God during Diwali for his providence over the previous year and allows everyone to show gratitude and respect.
Whilst food images  will be layered on the famous steps of the Square, 10 Dance Schools/Groups  from all over London will dance around the famous fountains to well known Traditional folk songs to Bollywood Hits.
Later you may visit an actual Annakut display at the BAPS sponsored Annakut stall on the square .
BIG Thank You to all the following :
Sai School of Harrow
D Style dance
BSNL Community
Women to Women Diamond
Senjuti's Rhythm N Beats
Sarjan Nartan Academy
Dance N Beats
Binals dance Academy
Ninas Choreography
Inspiring Indian Women
We look forward to see you all at Trafalgar Square and wish you all a very Happy Diwali 
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