The Diwali Culture Zone activities for 2022

Heard a lot about Diwali and like to know more? Look no further. The Diwali culture zone have interactive games to give you a true taste of Diwali


The Diwali Culture Zone is a ‘must do’ to feel & experience the spirit of Diwali. Join us for an interactive and insightful experience into some of the intriguing cultural traditions and practices, both ancient and contemporary
Things to do:
Explore the story and significance of Diwali through the most visual art form – pictures!
Join in some graceful Adivasi group dancing and be mesmerised by the ‘Devi Durga’ dance. Feel free to interact and ask questions or indeed simply take pictures with the performers.
Ayurveda & Veganism A vegan diet can be one of the healthiest ways to live. Learn the link between Ayurveda and veganism in this very informative session. Learn about a healthy routine and how to add easily available spices and herbs to your beauty collection.
Take a journey through India – learn more about the country and the clothes worn there. Partake in the diversity and the flamboyance.
Wake up to a bounce in your step and a smile on your face. Explore the law of attraction through positive affirmations. Make this your living mantra.
Bring out your creative self through our Rangoli workshop. Rangoli is an age old art form and represents colour, positivity and happiness. Enter the Rangoli competition You can also bring in your pre- made Rangoli for the competition. 
- Rangoli to be displayed on a board, no bigger than A5
- Covered completely in plastic, ensuring that there’s no leak anywhere
- Bring it to the Diwali Culture zone Marquee which is on the North Terrace by 6 pm.
- The winners (2) will be announced just before 7 pm and will be given their prize right away.


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